1. Download and Save the DNL reader setup file from here:


2. Close all web browsers and any eBooks. Then double click the DNL setup file to install the DNL reader and follow the prompts to install. Then close it.


3. Now you can download any DNL eBook file and view it by double clicking the eBook. Download the book from here



Note: The DNL reader has been digitally signed so you can verify exactly where it has come from and that it is safe to install. If you have any questions concerning the DNL reader, please contact us:


Note: If you do not get the setup window when you double click on the installer, please check that you are logged into your computer using a Administrator account. Due to security restrictions in  Firefox 3.xx, please install the DNL reader manually as above.





If you are using an Intel Mac (e.g. any Mac less than 2-3 years old), please download the DNL reader from here:


The DNL reader setup program will automatically check for installed components and download and install additional items if required. Just follow the prompts and click yes if asked. Depending on your connection speed, this may take around 2-10 minutes or less.


If you are downloading a DNL file and it shows unreadable text, please try holding download the OPTION key and clicking on the DNL download link.


Note: If you have an older PPC Mac, please use the Windows version of the DNL reader in emulation mode using a program like VirtualPC or Parallels.