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Luigi Luni - Painter and Illustrator 

Luigi is always exploring new ideas and compositions, looking for something novel and exclusive. He aims to visualise and capture the beauty of human body and nature, trying to keep the sense of action and harmony.  

Luigi works in various media including pencil drawing, crayons and pastels, as well as painting in oils, acrylics, water colours, and digital art. He has a long experience - including drawing and painting; different categories and themes such as portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, surrealism and abstract, as well as illustrations for album covers, books, education, posters and flyers. His thorough knowledge and extensive experience enable him to produce unique, harmonious and sparkling pieces of artwork, and is able to adapt well to different styles.  

Contact the Artist:

 Luigi has provided below details in how he proceeded  from first sketch to the final imager